Descriptive Paragraph – Group 1

Name : Yulyana
NIM : A1B209069

My Ideal Room

I have a dream about my ideal room. I want a simple, clean, and tidy room. This is the view of my ideal room. When we come in, we can see a set of medium drum on the right corner. Behind the drum, there is a window. On the left corner, there is a wardrobe. On the right side of the wardrobe, there are a television, a DVD player, and speakers. Above the television, it is a fan. In front of the television, there is a bed. Beside the bed, it is a small desk for studying. On the desk, there are some books and the other studying equipments. All items are well located and tidy. If we see the wall, there are many posters of my favorite bands. Because I like black and white, so the colors of my room are black and white.


Name : Sri Rohani
NIM : A1B209036

My Bedroom

My favorite room is my bedroom. My bedroom is very small so I fell hot if in my bedroom. But, I always fell comfortable in my bedroom even though in my bedroom hot. If you enter from the door in the right you can see there is a table in my bedroom to take my food, snack, and my drinking water. In side of the table there is my cupboard with two door to keep my clothes. And then if you see from the left you can see my computer, speaker, television, and my electric fan that well arranged. In side it there is my small bed, causes I just have enough space for my bed so I just use small bed. In the center there is a carpet, it is usually to do my activities in my bedroom.. For example to study if I fell tired study in my desk, to watch television or play station and so on. And in side my bed there is my book rack. My book rack big enough and I have many books, so I say it is my small library. And in left there is a window, from the window I can see scenery in out. And then in the right my book rack there is mirror to make up. Situation my bedroom is quite and sweet smelling. That is description my bedroom. In my bedroom I spent the time with kind of activities because my bedroom is my favorite room.


Name : Frentina R. N
NIM : A1B209049


My favorite room is my living room. If you enter from the door you can see in the left three chairs, one table, and in the corner you can see flowers and than in front of wall you can see two pictures. In the right wall you can see one picture and than you can turn in the right this is my living room. In my living room you can see in the left two bedrooms and you can see in the right four windows so in my living room is very fresh. In front of this room you can see like: TV, DVD, Tape Recorder, and Sound System. In the living room, I with my family to watching TV and sometime I joke with my sister in this room. I can do any think in the living room for example: Fresh my brain from doing many activities with watching the cinema, comedy or listen a music, and also I always sharing my problem with my parents in this room. So the living room is very important for me and my favorite room.


Name : Yenika Pertiwi

NIM : A1B2O9050

An Unforgettable Tragic Scene

Last year, on day of celebration I have seen an unforgettable scene in my life. I saw a tragic accident. I saw the motorcycle was broken seriously. Handlebar of motorcycle was broken and the lamp was broken. On the right of motorcycle was scratched up. Beside of motorcycle, there were two girls. They sat down on the land that very much bloods surrounding them and they screamed in pain. One of the girl has been broken foot and blister and the other has been blister in the right of her face, hand, and foot. Beside of the girls, there was a boy. He lay on the land. I think he was inconcious, but suddenly one of people covered his body with a sarong. And then I knew that the boy was died. It was very tragic accident and an unforgettable scene for me because the victims were younger grade in my school and I know them well.


Name : Frasiska Pungky
NIM : A1B209043


When I opened the window’s my bed room in the village I can saw beautiful scene such as mountains, river, farmers, rice field and cows. That’s very beautiful scene such. Just from the window I can saw that’s all, I like that, because that’s a natural scene village. Big mountains, green rice field and cows helps farmer to plant rice and when I wanted go to river it’s not so far, just walked and that’s place behind my house.


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